Friday, April 25, 2014

Smasher Smasher and Smasher HD

Smasher Smasher

Smash the Zombies but be careful not to smash the humans.

Available for FREE in the Apple App Store:

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hover Bird

Winter is over and “Hover Bird” visit to his cousins in the North is over.  It is Time for him to fly back to the South Pole. Because “Hover Bird” is a Penguin he will need assistance from his helicopter blades.  Since winter is over all the birds that flew south for the winter are returning. “Hover Bird” must avoid hitting the returning birds. Hitting a bird will cause extensive damage to the helicopter blades and prevent “Hover Bird” from returning to the South Pole.

- Tap the screen to have “Hover Bird” fly up.
- Up to 3 Lives per game

- Avoid hitting all the different kinds of flapping birds
- Collect coins to increase your score
- Collect little penguins to get additional lives
- Collect special "Shield 3 coins" and get a few seconds of protection from collisions. 
- 5 Levels of play from Novice to Insane.
- GameCenter enabled for each of the 5 levels of play.

Available on Amazon for Kindle Fire HD and Android devices

Hover Bird a new gaming title for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android and Windows 8

Tipsy Bird

Goal: Avoid Buildings

- Tip (Tilt) Up to Fly UP
- Tip (Tilt) Down to Fly Down

- 4 Levels of Play (Novice, Intermediate, Advance and Uber Hard)
- Scrolls faster the higher the score
- High Scores for each Level (Game Center Leader Board)

Available now in iTunes

Tipsy Bird HD for iPad also available in iTunes

Note! No Tapping involved -  A different kind of Flappy Bird type game

Friday, February 21, 2014

Flapper Wars

You flap around with your Flappy Dragon knocking off Flappy Birds and Flappy Fish. 
Three levels of difficulty
Time to get back at Flappy Bird

Give "Flapper Wars" a try it is FREE in the Windows Store.

"Flapper Wars HD" is available for FREE in the iTunes Store

PS. It is not another Flappy Bird clone

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mind Crunch

Challenge your memory and attention with "Mind Crunch". Your body isn’t the only thing that needs a workout. Keep your brain fit with this addicting puzzle game. Connect the numbers that are one number higher, lower or the same.

Available FREE in iTunes and Windows Store

Mind Crunch FREE in iTunes

Available in Windows Store

Mind Crunch HD for iPad is now available FREE in iTunes

Mind Crunch HD

Friday, February 14, 2014

Birdie Bird

Goal: Avoid the buildings and your score will increase

- Tap the screen to flap your wings to fly


- Three Levels of Play, Novice, Intermediate and Advance
- Game Center Leader Board: High Scores for each Level is maintained
- The higher your score the faster the Bird will fly

Start off with Novice and learn how to fly the Little Bird. 
As you get better then try the more advance levels.

Dragon Flapper

Flap your wings to avoid hitting the buildings. Three levels of play Novice, Intermediate and Advance. Practice at Novice and work your way up to Advance. 

- Tap screen to flap your wings to fly

Flappy Flier


Flap your wings to avoid hitting the buildings. Three levels of play Novice, Intermediate and Advance. Practice at Novice and work your way up to Advance. Tap screen to flap your wings. Note! The higher your score the faster it goes.


  • Three levels of play Novice, Intermediate and Advance
  • The higher your score the faster it scrolls
  • Flap your wings to avoid hitting the buildings

    Now available in the Windows Store. Coming soon to iTunes!!

    Get Flappy Flier FREE today in the Windows Store

    P.S. It works very much like Flappy Bird which is no longer available

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It’s an intuitive, easy way to create and store hundreds of custom "fill in the blank" tweets to fit your everyday tweeting needs! It includes three levels of “dialers” that allow you to categorize your tweets into various categories (Channels) and sub-categories (Topics). 

Features include: 
-Creating "Fill in the Blank" tweet templates that you add additional content later. 
-Combines tweet template data and the "Fill in the Blank" data to create a custom tweet. 
-Easy to create/edit and execute your tweet template. 
-Guides you to "Fill in the Blanks" and then generate your custom tweet 
-Easily save tweet templates for use on later occasions 
-Customizing your “dialer” channels to help categorize various tweets. 
-Up to 16 "Fill in the Blank" fields per tweet template 
-1000 User defined "Fill in the Blank" tweet templates 
-Free Ad supported 

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