Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hover Bird

Winter is over and “Hover Bird” visit to his cousins in the North is over.  It is Time for him to fly back to the South Pole. Because “Hover Bird” is a Penguin he will need assistance from his helicopter blades.  Since winter is over all the birds that flew south for the winter are returning. “Hover Bird” must avoid hitting the returning birds. Hitting a bird will cause extensive damage to the helicopter blades and prevent “Hover Bird” from returning to the South Pole.

- Tap the screen to have “Hover Bird” fly up.
- Up to 3 Lives per game

- Avoid hitting all the different kinds of flapping birds
- Collect coins to increase your score
- Collect little penguins to get additional lives
- Collect special "Shield 3 coins" and get a few seconds of protection from collisions. 
- 5 Levels of play from Novice to Insane.
- GameCenter enabled for each of the 5 levels of play.

Available on Amazon for Kindle Fire HD and Android devices

Hover Bird a new gaming title for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android and Windows 8

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