Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It’s an intuitive, easy way to create and store hundreds of custom "fill in the blank" tweets to fit your everyday tweeting needs! It includes three levels of “dialers” that allow you to categorize your tweets into various categories (Channels) and sub-categories (Topics). 

Features include: 
-Creating "Fill in the Blank" tweet templates that you add additional content later. 
-Combines tweet template data and the "Fill in the Blank" data to create a custom tweet. 
-Easy to create/edit and execute your tweet template. 
-Guides you to "Fill in the Blanks" and then generate your custom tweet 
-Easily save tweet templates for use on later occasions 
-Customizing your “dialer” channels to help categorize various tweets. 
-Up to 16 "Fill in the Blank" fields per tweet template 
-1000 User defined "Fill in the Blank" tweet templates 
-Free Ad supported 

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