Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rescue Christmas free game for iPhone, iPad & Facebook

Rescue Christmas - Free for iPhone & iPad

In an attempt to ruin Christmas, Scrooge has kidnapped Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Santa's helpers, as well as stolen the Christmas presents meant for the little boys and girls around the world. To save Christmas, Santa must rescue Rudolph and his helpers and also retrieve all the stolen presents.Also available for free in Facebook -

- Keep Santa Claus safe by landing him on the cages or boxes. To complete a level all NON Rudolph cages must be removed. If Santa Claus lands on the ground he will be captured by Scrooge.

- Get Santa Claus to land on Rudolph's cage.

- Click on the cages/boxes to get back the Christmas presents.

- Make sure all cages/boxes are removed to go to the next level.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Panda Rescue

Panda Rescue and Panda Rescue HD available in the Apple App Store.

Help Papa Panda rescue baby panda Stevie and his animal friends who have been captured and caged by an evil circus ring master.

There are 60 levels to complete in total, providing hours of enjoyment.

To complete a level you must rescue all of Stevie’s friends, remove all obstacles, and end with Papa Panda on top of Stevie’s cage. But be careful – if you touch the floor or go out of bounds, Papa Panda will be captured by the evil ring master and his crew.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dueling Starships
Try it out online (written in HTML 5) Click on the Joystick to control the direction. Press the spacebar to fire the lasers.

- iPad HD version available in the Apple iTunes store

- iPhone/iTouch app versions available in the Apple iTunes App Store

NOTE!! A Lite version is also available for FREE download from the App Store

Defend Earth from Alien Invaders. Your starship is equipped with pulse lasers which you can fire by tapping the fire button. Beware the Alien Invaders are equipped with homing missiles and lasers. Use the Joystick to maneuver your starship. Please leave positive rating if you like the game. Thank You!



Three Modes available: Easy, Normal and Hard

Joystick - Control ship direction
Tilt Forward - Move Forward
Tilt Up - Go Backwards
Touch Fire button - Shoot Laser
Destroy Enemy Ships = 100 points, Missiles = 50 points , Lasers = 10 points

Try using your thumbs - left on Joystick and the right to fire the laser.

Apps for keeping track of Scores and Stats:
Volleyball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball and Ice Hockey

My Sports Apps available in Apple App Store

1. iPS Volleyball Stats
2. iPS Volleyball Scoreboard
3. Lacrosse Scoreboard
4. iPS Lacrosse Stats
5. iPS Hockey Scoreboard
6. iPS Soccer Scoreboard
7. iPS Basketball Scoreboard
8. The Cave Adventure

New iPhone/iPad app for Toddlers "1-2 PeekABoo"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lacrosse Scoreboard

Publish scores for amateur or professional Lacrosse games to SMS (Text Message), Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Just touch change and post the latest Lacrosse score. It's that simple.

Great for keeping your buddies up to date with the latest score.
Excellent for parents that have children playing club Lacrosse. It is not always easy for both parents to attend their children's Lacrosse matches. With Lacrosse Scoreboard it is easy to keep everyone informed on the progress of the game using SMS, eMail,Twitter and Facebook.

Use the Lacrosse Scoreboard application to post your children's Lacrosse scores for your friends and family to see. Scores can be sent as "Text Messages (SMS)", "eMailed", posted to your "Facebook" page or sent as tweets to your "Twitter" account.


* Simple scoreboard user interface - Just touch and change for ease in entering Lacrosse scores
* Customize team and venue name for informed postings - Touch and change
* Send Lacrosse scores via eMail to your friends and family - Press eMail button
* Send Lacrosse scores via Text Message - Press TextMsg button (Require iPhone with iOS 4.0+)
* Post Lacrosse scores to your Facebook page - Press Facebook button
* Tweet scores to you Twitter account to update your followers - Press Twitter button
* Custom comments can be added to all you posts - Enter text in the Custom Message field
* Customize status heading for Facebook posts - Enter text in the Facebook publish page
* Basic or Basic+ scoreboard - Flip a switch to choose basic or premium scoreboard

Note! Both Text Messages (SMS) and Tweets are limited to 140 characters.

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