Friday, April 1, 2011

Dueling Starships
Try it out online (written in HTML 5) Click on the Joystick to control the direction. Press the spacebar to fire the lasers.

- iPad HD version available in the Apple iTunes store

- iPhone/iTouch app versions available in the Apple iTunes App Store

NOTE!! A Lite version is also available for FREE download from the App Store

Defend Earth from Alien Invaders. Your starship is equipped with pulse lasers which you can fire by tapping the fire button. Beware the Alien Invaders are equipped with homing missiles and lasers. Use the Joystick to maneuver your starship. Please leave positive rating if you like the game. Thank You!



Three Modes available: Easy, Normal and Hard

Joystick - Control ship direction
Tilt Forward - Move Forward
Tilt Up - Go Backwards
Touch Fire button - Shoot Laser
Destroy Enemy Ships = 100 points, Missiles = 50 points , Lasers = 10 points

Try using your thumbs - left on Joystick and the right to fire the laser.

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