Monday, December 20, 2010

iPS Volleyball Scoreboard

Publish the scores for Volleyball matches to SMS (Text messages), Twitter, Facebook and email. Use it to keep track of the current score (keep the referees honest). At the end of the day email yourself the final score for your records.

Just touch change and post the latest Volleyball score. It's that simple.

Great for keeping your friends and family up to date with the latest score.
Excellent for parents that have children playing club Volleyball. It is not always easy for both parents to attend their children's Volleyball matches. With Volleyball Scoreboard it is easy to keep everyone informed on the progress of the game using SMS, eMail,Twitter and Facebook.

Use the Volleyball Scoreboard application to post your children's Volleyball scores for your friends and family to see. Scores can be sent as "Text Messages (SMS)", "eMailed", posted to your "Facebook" page or sent as tweets to your "Twitter" account.


* Simple scoreboard user interface - Just touch and change for ease in entering Volleyball scores
* Customize team and venue name for informed postings - Touch and change
* Send Volleyball scores via eMail to your friends and family - Press eMail button
* Send Volleyball scores via Text Message - Press TextMsg button (Require iPhone with iOS 4.0+)
* Post Volleyball scores to your Facebook page - Press Facebook button
* Tweet scores to you Twitter account to update your followers - Press Twitter button
* Custom comments can be added to all you posts - Enter text in the Custom Message field
* Customize status heading for Facebook posts - Enter text in the Facebook publish page
* Basic or Basic+ scoreboard - Flip a switch to choose basic or premium scoreboard

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